Incident Response Edition

Become Incident Responder with Hands-On Training

Pick The Best Plan For You

  • Freemium

    For curiosity
    • 5 cases each month
      Only for Security Analyst cases
    • Monitoring
    • Log Search
    • Case Management
    • Endpoint Security
    • Community Write-ups
    • Additional Content
  • Incident Responder

    Push your limits
    • More than 90 cases
      80+ Security analyst cases and 10 Incident Response case
    • Analysis on real machines
      Browser based SSH and RDP
    • Tier 1 and IR playbooks
      Guidelines for investigating the case
    • Training materials
      Incident Response on Linux/Windows
    • Detailed official writeups
      Official write-ups for IR cases and community write-ups for Security Analyst cases
    • Additional Content
      Full access to DFIR, Malware Analysis and Academy

Take a Step Forward

  • incident responder

    Learn The Incident Response Process

    Train yourself with theory and dedicated lab for Linux/Windows Incident Response process

  • SIEM alert investigation

    Lots Of Different Cases

    Solve the case by analyzing hacked machines in 90+ scenarios, each of them will teach you something

  • soc certification


    Qualify for certification by completing training and investigation cases

Then What?

What will you gain at the end of the training?

  • blue team theory
  • Process
  • Case

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