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LetsDefend provides realistic training in the SOC environment for your cybersecurity team to improve in Blue Team.

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Why LetsDefend?

We’ve helped lots of organizations to improve their blue team skills — and we’d love to help you, too.

  • onboarding soc analysts

    Onboarding New Team Members

    Streamline the training process for your security analysts by providing tailored and self-paced cybersecurity training content, covering a wide range of topics to meet their specific skill development needs.

  • hiring new security engineer

    Hiring New Candidates

    Evaluate the capabilities of your top security analyst candidates with real world security alerts, challenges and quizzes.

  • track data

    Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

    Monitor your team's performance through comprehensive data analysis/statistics. Identify strengths and areas for improvement, and continuously work towards enhancement.

Hands-On Learning

Your team members can follow our learning roadmap prepared by security experts. They will practice in the SOC environment like a real SOC Analyst/Incident Responder.

Soc roadmap

What's Inside?

What will you get with the LetsDefend Enterprise edition?

  • Only for You

    • Hiring Module
    • Team Management Dashboard
    • Customer Success Manager
    • Customer Onboarding
  • Content

    • Technical courses
    • Monitoring alerts L1 and L2
    • Learning paths with micro-courses
    • Blue team challenges

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