Incident Responder Package

Investigate and respond on real hacked machines!

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  • Freemium

    For curiosity
    • 5 Cases Each Month
      Only for Security Analyst cases
    • Monitoring
    • Log Search
    • Case Management
    • Endpoint Security
    • Community Write-Ups
    • Additional Content
  • Incident Responder

    Push your limits
    • More than 90 Cases
      80+ Security analyst cases and 10 Incident Response case
    • Analysis on Real Machines
      Browser based SSH and RDP
    • Tier 1 and IR Playbooks
      Guidelines for investigating the case
    • Training Materials
      You will have access to the training materials when the final version is released.
    • Detailed Official Write-Ups
      Official write-ups for IR cases and community write-ups for Security Analyst cases
    • Additional Content
      Full access to DFIR, Malware Analysis and Academy

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Who Should Use LetsDefend?

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    Bootstrap Your Career

    Improve your skills in log analysis, incident handling, malware analysis and endpoint analysis and get a better understanding of the SOC environment.

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    Improve Investigation Skills

    Push the limits of your investigation skills on complex hacking cases. Get your hands dirty by doing more than just analysis.

  • Online learning pana

    50% Off for Students

    Get to learn the hands-on aspect of cybersecurity and help with kickstarting your cybersecurity career. We offer 50% discount for current students.

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