What Is Waiting For You?

Take your coffee because you will need it!


Security Event Monitoring

Be aware of next attacks by monitoring 24/7. When you notice an attack, start a detailed investigation and take your actions

  • You can investigate real world cases
  • False positive alerts (You need to fix false positive alerts)
  • Feel real SOC environment

Incident Investigation

Try to understand what is happening using all the data you have. Fortunately you have a lot of data.

  • Use of log management server
  • Host based analysis
  • Network based analysis

Take an Action

Have you noticed a suspicious situation and do not know what to do? Run the playbooks and take action

  • Root cause analysis
  • Run playbook
  • Containment
  • Block addresses

Investigation cases are prepared by senior security analysts and security managers

As a defender, you only have one right to make a mistake

You have to be fast and faultless