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Incident Responder Interview Questions

This article contains possible Incident Responder interview questions and answers. However, before proceeding, ensure that you have considered the following questions/points.  Pre-preparing First, fully understand what kind of role you are applying for. For instance, you should be aware of the responsibilities and challenges faced by Incident Responder if you’re seeking a position as anRead More

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NCA Takes Down LockBit, World’s Most Dangerous Cyber Crime Group

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has launched an international campaign targeting LockBit, the world’s most harmful cyber crime group. The NCA, working with the FBI and international partners from nine other countries, has been investigating LockBit as part of a dedicated task force called Operation Cronos. They have taken control of LockBit’s services, compromising theRead More

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A Journey from Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) to Cybersecurity

We interviewed Jitendra, exploring his journey. He commenced his career as an Electrical & Electronics Engineer and seamlessly transitioned into the cybersecurity industry, showcasing a dynamic and evolving professional trajectory. Can you share your journey into the field of cybersecurity and how you initially got started as an intern? My journey began with a strongRead More

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Exploitation & Analysis of Apache OFBiz Zero-Day Vulnerabilities: CVE-2023-49070 & CVE-2023-51467

A Red & Blue Team Perspective on Remote Code Execution (RCE) Analysis In this blog article, we discuss CVE-2023-51467, a zero-day SSRF vulnerability in Apache OFBiz. This vulnerability arises from an incomplete patch for CVE-2023-49070, a pre-authenticated RCE flaw. As you read you will also learn: Vulnerability:             CVE-2023-49070 &Read More

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LinkedIn Giveaway Results

We’ve hit an incredible milestone of 100k followers on LinkedIn, and it’s all thanks to you! We’ve launched a special giveaway to show our appreciation. The results are in, and we’re thrilled to announce the winners! Find out who the lucky winners are and join us in celebrating this achievement. Winners for Incident Responder plan:Read More


LetsDefend Giveaway Results – 19 October 2023

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our exciting Kahoot event! LetsDefend is all about coming together to learn and have fun, and this giveaway was no exception. We received an overwhelming response, and we appreciate all of you for participating and making this event a success. After a random selection process, we are proudRead More

Cyber Security SOC Analyst Success Story

IT student to CySA+ Owner: Micah’s Success Story

Can you introduce yourself? Hi! My name is Micah. I’m an IT student about to graduate with my Bachelors degree in Networking & Information Systems. My associates is in Networking & Cybersecurity. My dream job is SOC Analyst Tier 1. The job is about doing the most fascinating stuff I’ve ever learned, but EVERYDAY. TheRead More

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Cybersecurity Bootcamp: A Quick Path to a Career in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing field, as the amount of data and technology being used in the world continues to increase. One way to break into the field is through a cybersecurity bootcamp. These bootcamps are short-term, intensive training programs that aim to teach the essential skills needed to start a career in cybersecurity. ThereRead More

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SOC Analyst vs Software Developer

In this blog post, information about SOC Analyst and Software Developer has been discussed. SOC Analyst What Does a SOC Analyst Do? SOC Analysts try to detect anomalous behavior by monitoring the activities of the digital assets within their institutions. After detecting an abnormal security event suitable for the attacker’s behavior, it quickly performs theRead More