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Blue team heroes

  • Bret Witt
    Senior Threat Analyst
    I am an infosec professional that took up creating YouTube videos on the LetsDefend and CyberDefenders platform to try and give back to the community. I have protected home, small business, and up to Fortune 50 enterprises and am always looking for a challenge or CTF.
  • Julien Garcia
    SOC Manager - IT security consultant
    Like Incident Response and Digital. Windows Addict. Do the best to be prepare for the worst.
  • Bohan Zhang
    SOC Analyst
    I am an infosec junkie who loves to keep the cyber criminal out of your network!
  • Domiziana Foti
    Security Analyst
    She solves security alarms with one cup of tea at a time.
  • Zaid-Ul-Hassan Shah
    Dedicated and hardworking blue team cybersecurity learner who loves to make things easy for himself and others around him.
  • Sylvain MEUROT
    SOC Analyst
    Attracted by the unknown. Passionate, determined and curious.
  • Andre Allen
    Content Creator
    Andre (AKA DrXploiter) is a passionate professional security analyst (SOC/Threat Hunter) who often makes blue team challenges for LetsDefend. He often enjoys malware analysis challenges in his own time.
  • Abdullah Yasin
    Cybersecurity Content Engineer
    Hi, I am Cyberjunkie and I love Blue side of Cyber. I like to create Forensics and SOC related challenges to contribute to cybersec community. I also have Pentesting experience and like to always build upon my knowledge.