Resources of Getting Started in Cyber Security Analyst

We see that the need for soc analysts is constantly increasing in the rising defensive security industry.

General skills that a successful security analyst should have are as follows:

  • Netflow analysis
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Log Analysis
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Security

We’ve gathered free / paid resources that you can use to improve these skills. If there is any resource you want to add to the list, please send an e-mail to [email protected].


  • DetectionLab (Free)
  • (Free/Paid – Blue team training)
  • DetectionLabELK (Free)

Log Analysis

Network Monitoring

Linux Distributions

Memory Analysis Tools

Professional Training

  • FOR578: Cyber Threat Intelligence (Paid)
  • SEC511: Continuous Monitoring & Security Operations (Paid)
  • SEC445: SIEM Design & Implementation (Paid)
  • AEGIS Certification (Paid)


In the meantime, we have developed a cloud-based application so that you can acquire all these skills. You can start practicing as a member, without any setup. Visit “” to create an account.

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