Cyber Security SOC Analyst

SOC Analyst Interview Questions

There are lots of different interview questions for SOC analysts. You can find all the content on our GitHub repository.

What should you expect?

Below is a list of the topics on which questions can be asked in the interview.

Security Analyst

  • Basic terminologies
  • Network fundamentals
  • Operating system fundamentals
  • Malware analysis fundamentals
  • How to analyze attacks (phishing, malware…)

Incident Responder

  • Incident response prosedure
  • How to detect and remediate specific kind of attack (like golden ticket, phishing etc.)
  • Ransomware remediation process


  • First, fully understand what kind of role you are applying for. Like if you’re applying Security Analyst (Tier 1 Analyst) job, then you should already know what Security Analysts do or what difficulties SOC Analysts are having.
  • Make sure that you know about the company you are applying for. Are you going to give support multiple companies at the same time or they are looking for internal SOC?
  • If you have any friend who is working at the company you’re applying for, make a phone call and ask what kind of difficulties your friend is having.
  • Do not tell your salary expectation on interview. Answer like: “I think my salary expectations are within your scale. In case of positive progress, I am open to your suggestions at the proposal stage.”
  • Make sure you know the salary scale of the job you’re applying. You can ask on Reddit.

Interview Questions

You can find all interview questions on our GitHub repository.

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