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The Best Blue Team Certifications

In this article, we will be discussing what the certificate is in general, its importance and the certificates in blue team based training programs.

A certificate is a document that demonstrates competence in a particular subject. One of the most important elements in certificate programs is the training content. Candidates who want to achieve a certificate must complete the training content in the program. After the training content is completed, the candidate is subjected to an exam in order to qualify a certificate. A certain degree of success is expected in this exam. The candidate who cannot pass the minimum score determined by the institution issuing certification will not be able to obtain the certificate. Generally, certificates have a validity period. During this period, the candidate is not re-examined and the certificate remains valid. However, when the validity period is exceeded, the candidate must be re-tested in order to extend the validity period of the certificate.

The Importance of the Blue Team Certificate

Having a certificate is one of the popular factors that affect the recruitment process. Human resources specialists or the hiring managers who are authorized in the recruitment process consider the certificates of the candidates. Having a certificate or multiple certificates will be advantageous in order to stand out among other applicants. In some cases having certificate(s) may be mandatory depending on the requirements posted on the open position.

Institutions/Organizations with Blue Team Certificate Program

Listed some popular institutions/organizations, not all of them.

  1. AccessData – 
  2. ASIS – 
  3. CertNexus – 
  4. Cisco Systems – 
  5. CREST – 
  6. Cyber Struggle – 
  7. Dark Vortex – 
  8. EC-Council – 
  9. eLearn Security – 
  10. Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) – 
  11. Infosec Institute – 
  12. Institute for Security and Open Methodologies (ISECOM) – 
  13. Intel Techniques – 
  14. International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (ISFCE) – 
  15. ISACA – 
  16. IT Governance – 
  17. Microsoft – 
  18. Mile2 – 
  19. MITRE Engenuity – 
  20. Mossé Cyber Security Institute – 
  21. Offensive Security – 
  22. OpenText – 
  23. SANS – 
  24. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) – 
  25. The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) – 
CertificateOrganizationLevelCategoryFeePeriod of validity
ACEAccessDataIntermediateForensics$100, $2502 Years
C)CSAMile2BeginnerForensics3 Years
C)DFEMile2BeginnerForensics3 Years
C)DREMile2Incident Handling3 Years
C)IHEMile2Incident Handling3 Years
C)NFEMile2IntermediateForensics3 Years
CAWFEIACISExpertForensics3 Years
CCEISFCEIntermediateForensics$4852 Years
CCTHPInfosecIntermediateIncident Handling$2599
CFAGAQMBeginnerForensics$185For Life
CFCEIACISExpertForensics3 Years
CFRCertNexusIntermediateIncident Handling
CHFIEC-CouncilIntermediateForensics3 Years
CIRMIT GovernanceBeginnerIncident Handling£495
Cisco COACiscoIntermediateIncident Handling3 Years
Cisco COPCiscoExpertIncident Handling3 Years
CNDEC-CouncilBeginnerIncident Handling3 Years
CREST CHIACRESTIntermediateForensics$2481
CREST CNIACRESTIntermediateIncident Handling
CREST CPIACRESTBeginnerForensics
CREST CPTIACRESTBeginnerThreat Intelligence
CREST CRIACRESTIntermediateForensics
CREST RTIACRESTIntermediateThreat Intelligence
CSAEC-CouncilBeginnerIncident Handling3 Years
CSAECyberStruggleIntermediateIncident Handling€1350
CSX-PISACAIntermediateIncident Handling
CTIAEC-CouncilIntermediateThreat Intelligence3 Years
CTIAMile2Threat Intelligence3 Years
CySA+CompTIAIntermediateIncident Handling$3813 Years
DFEEC-CouncilBeginnerForensics3 Years
DV AOPHDark VortexBeginnerIncident Handling$2500
DV MILFDark VortexBeginnerForensics$2000
eCDFPeLearnIntermediateForensicsFor Life
ECIHEC-CouncilIntermediateIncident Handling3 Years
eCIReLearnIntermediateIncident Handling$400For Life
eCMAPeLearnExpertForensics$400For Life
eCREeLearnExpertForensics$400For Life
eCTHPeLearnExpertIncident Handling$400For Life
EDRPEC-CouncilIntermediateForensics3 Years
EnCEOpenTextIntermediateForensics$5003 Years
eNDPeLearnIntermediateIncident Handling$400For Life
eWDPeLearnIntermediateIncident Handling$400For Life
GASFSANSExpertForensics$76404 Years
GBFASANSIntermediateForensics$76404 Years
GCDASANSIntermediateIncident Handling$76404 Years
GCEDSANSIntermediateIncident Handling$76404 Years
GCFASANSExpertForensics$76404 Years
GCFESANSExpertForensics$76404 Years
GCIASANSIntermediateIncident Handling$76404 Years
GCIHSANSIntermediateIncident Handling$76404 Years
GCTISANSExpertThreat Intelligence$76404 Years
GDATSANSExpertIncident Handling$76404 Years
GIMESANSExpertForensics$76404 Years
GMONSANSIntermediateIncident Handling$76404 Years
GNFASANSExpertForensics$76404 Years
GOSISANSIntermediateThreat Intelligence$76404 Years
GREMSANSExpertForensics$76404 Years
GRIDSANSIntermediateIncident Handling$80404 Years
GSOCSANSIntermediateIncident Handling$76404 Years
GSOMSANSExpertIncident Handling$71904 Years
ICMDEIACISExpertForensics3 Years
MAD CTIMITREIntermediateThreat Intelligence$499
MAD SOCAMITREIntermediateIncident Handling$499
MAD THDEMITREExpertIncident Handling$499
MBTMosséIntermediateIncident Handling$450For Life
MCPEMosséExpertIncident Handling$800For Life
MDFIRMosséIntermediateForensics$450For Life
MOISMosséBeginnerThreat Intelligence$450For Life
MTHMosséIntermediateIncident Handling$450For Life
MTIAMosséExpertThreat Intelligence$450For Life
NDEEC-CouncilBeginnerIncident Handling3 Years
OPSAISECOMIntermediateIncident Handling
OSDAOffensive SecurityIntermediateIncident Handling$2499For Life
OSIPIntel TechniquesIntermediateThreat Intelligence$899For Life
SC-200MicrosoftIntermediateIncident Handling
SC-400MicrosoftIntermediateIncident Handling
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