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The Best Tools for SOC Analysts

During the investigation, SOC analysts do a few things at the same time. For instance: checking IP reputation, malware analysis, looking log management etc. And for saving time, they use some security tools. We listed the best tools/services for security analysts can use during the job.


Process Hacker

Great tool for monitoring the system and detecting suspicious situations. It’s also free.

memory analysis tool


It displays all event logs in a table, which helps to decrease the investigation time.


It gives you the history of different browsers in one table.

If you don’t know to how to investigate Windows/Linux hosts, you can check these free courses: Free SOC Analyst Training

Checking Reputation


You can both IP and hash search on VT database. and find relationships about suspicious IP/files

Abuse IPDb

You can check if the IP address has been reported before. Let’s say you found a suspicious IP address on your firewall logs and want to ensure is IP address did something bad before.

Cisco Talos

You can search by IP, domain, or network owner for real-time threat data.

Online Sandbox


This is an interactive malware analysis platform. Very useful for finding command and control addresses of malware and understanding the purpose. You can use it with the free version.

online malware analysis


It provides an analysis report with Falcon Sandbox and Hybrid Analysis technology.

malware analysis tool


If you specifically want to scan URL addresses, it’s useful tool for you.

Try to investigate SOC alerts with these tools now: Start as a SOC Analyst



During the phishing campaign analysis, it would be helpful for spoofing analysis. You can compare the SMTP addresses.


Provides malicious APK data


It helps to analyze the Microsoft OLE2 files (Office documents, Outlook messages, etc.)

Learning how to use these tools is the easy part. As a SOC Analyst, you should able to investigate different kinds of incidents like phishing, malware, ransomware, proxy, etc. If you want to practice in SOC environment with these tools, you can register to LetsDefend for free.

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